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Tina’s New Novel

Forthcoming Novel by Tina Powell

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Betrayal, revenge, secrecy, power and redemption are just of the themes explored in this captivating novel that spans across three generations of one family…

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Tina’s Blog

Gather Your Wits

Toward the end of last year I set the stage (table?) for an important 2020 goal I hoped to accomplish. My goal was simple. To create an environment in my home where folks would …

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Tina’s Kids’ Novel

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Josh is having a tough time at home and at school. His older stepbrother picks on him, his younger half-sister is a tattle-tailing snoop, and the school bully has made Josh his number one target. Josh’s mom decides …

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Rashida Dhooma — The Toronto Sun

“I couldn’t help but think that author Tina Powell was writing about my family… I like Powell’s interactive approach.”


Tina Powell

Living Life One Page At A Time

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Barbara Goodman, Editorial Director, Canadian Health & Lifestyle

“This provocative, fun-loving little book incited memories of long-forgotten picnics and unique outings – pivotal moments in time with family, friends, and pets.”